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Hunting for the white truffle of Alba

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An exclusive excursion amongst the Langa & Roero woods in search of the elusive mushroom.

An exclusive excursion amongst the Langa & Roero woods in search of the elusive mushroom.


Accompany the trifulau (expert truffle hunter) and his dog for a walk amongst the natural truffle grounds in Langa and Roero.

Among the beautiful UNESCO Hills, you’ll discover the truffle’s characteristics, history and the techniques on how to search for it and find it!

Truffle hunting followed by lunch 

After a short walk we will arrive in a marvelous wooded area of ​​five hectares. The truffle seeker’s paradise. Together with Trifolao Davide and his trustworthy lagotta dog, we will enter the woods rich in a multitude of different plants. The session offers a translator, if necessary.
The experience continues in search of truffles. Together we will learn to recognize the signals of the dog, to clean the ground to get closer to the truffle and to recognize its varieties in the TOTAL RESPECT OF NATURE, trying to leave everything as it is.

We will furnish a private car with driver to get around during the experience. The cross-country vehicle of the “trifolau” it’s perfect for start the experience in the woods. This is a funny moment!

The search lasts about 2 hours and a half. If we are lucky we will find the truffle (or truffles). After removing the mud from our boots and enjoying an aperitif in the open air (a good glass of wine in the woods warms the heart!) We will take you to a typical Langa trattoria. The experience will end with a traditional lunch. Buon Appetito!



I recommend this tour for anyone who wants to explore the region with a local who knows a lot of fascinating stories as well as delightful sites you might otherwise struggle to find.


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