Uncover another Italy

“Behind every place lies stories, gastronomic traditions, artisanal flavors and time-honored practices, preserved by women and men whose identities and cultures have been constructed over centuries.”

Every journey is unique, and Wanderit knows it! For this reason, our itineraries are a starting point from which to customize your individual or group adventure, according to the activities, dates and budget of the traveler.

“A day in the life”

Spend “A day in the life” with farmers, winemakers, cheesemakers, fisher folk, shepherds, butchers, bakers, who, along with the chefs that use their products, will share knowledge and tell stories of their local place, food production and recipes, they are your hosts and story tellers of the local traditions.

The aim is to bring travelers closer to the preservation of cultural and agricultural biodiversity and an understanding of local cultures, identities and gastronomies.

Hospitality will be provided directly by the producers, or by hoteliers and chefs who use these producers ingredients in their kitchens.


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