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Genova Culinary Tour

from 4 to 6 hours

Live a day in the City of a Thousand Faces with us

Genova Culinary Tour with a local food guide.

Discover the charm of the city and learn about Genova culinary scene


Our tour starts at 10 a.m. at Brignole railway station. We begin our walking tour, with a first stop for the Genoese ritual of focaccia, then proceed on to a historic café of which the poet Dino Campana once wrote:  “Within a porcelain cave / Sipping coffee / I watched the crowd grow quickly from a glazed cup”.

Did you know that the earliest legend of the “Holy Grail” narrates how during the First Crusade in 1099, the Genoese found the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper? Our tour continues through history and myths. 

These and other stories carry us forward to our next stop, dedicated to aromas and spices from across the world. If you get your kicks from inebriating perfumes and rare seasonings you can get them here: this historic boutique evokes what was once called the Republic of the Magnificents, which competed with the other Maritime Republics—Venice, Pisa and Amalfi—in the early Middle Ages for control of the lucrative commerce with the East. 

At the end of our tour, before letting ourselves be lulled by the ships sailing in and out of port, we cross trade routes past and present: hole-in-the-wall eateries serving up local food and a mix of foreign cuisines, fish shops, bakeries, and more. Lunch is a compulsory stop; we’ll go to one of the oldest restaurants in town to discover some authentic Genoese gastronomic culture.

We continue our journey of “the Superb one” in the splendor and pomp of its golden age, around the 16th century, exploring streets rich in art, the noble palaces and the hidden gems of their courtyards. 

Genoa still has a lot to offer: we’ll take a municipal elevator up its steep slopes to enjoy an urban-seascape panorama from up high. Then there are ancient boutiques specialized in sweets and liqueurs before we finally say goodbye with an aperitif in a frescoed lounge just steps away from Piazza de Ferrari. 




Join tour co-hosts Bill Manson, photo reporter Robert Morrison and Wanderit for an unforgettable seven days and six nights in Northern Italy!

Our journey begins with a rendezvous in Camogli. (We highly recommend that our travelers arrive in Italy one or two days prior to the start of the trip to get acclimated and rested ). The tour will continue with an unforgettable fishing day with local fisherman in one of the most stunning panorama of Riviera Ligure. A Genova Culinary adventure marks the end of the three days in Liguria. The Piedmont hills, the wine and the most unique cheeses await us in Alta Langa. Our starting point will be a castle, a Savoy residence and a family business for three generations of women. This incredible location is the heart of the Local Wild Food Challenge event.


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