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You only need a few ingredients to create incredible flavours. If you’re a fan of Piedmontese cuisine, why not attend a cooking class? The options are endless.

Experience the kitchen
If you love Italian cuisine, head to a cooking class!


You only need a few ingredients to create incredible flavours. If you’re a fan of Piedmontese cuisine, why not attend a cooking class? The options are endless.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have at your disposal: you’ll find plenty of one-day lessons or short courses in wonderful places, not to mention the best chefs and tutors.

Saturday March 21st 

It happens in Bra ..

Who are the rezdore? They are Mantuan women, rulers of the house and custodians of the flavors of their land.
Saturday March 21 Elisabetta Basaglia, Mantuan housewife and incredible cook, packs her bags to come to Bra,

From that fascinating flat and boundless country land crossed by the Po river, for a single event guest of Wanderit4Women for a Cooking Course + Dinner.

The event will be held in a private house and places are limited!

Cooking class + dinner: euro 50,00

At the court of Buglioni di Monale: chef of Real Castello


 Alessandra teaches a Master’s course in cooking at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, is mother to three children and managed the Real Castello di Verduno along with her mother Lisetta and sister Elisabetta. The building, built by the Savoy royal family and a pioneering location for hospitality in the Langhe, has an elegant dominance over this small town, which also hosts a wine cellar of the same name. It has been named one of the Best Wine Resorts in the world by Condé Nast traveler. 

Whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiast or a professional cook, these workshops are designed according to your needs, and you’ll be able to experiment with different levels of cuisine. 

The classes are open windows on traditional cooking. 

All courses are preceded by a search in the garden for edible herbs and flowers, which are central to Alessandra’s cooking. 

Local handmade pasta and sauces, cooking with different meats and traditional desserts, as well as bread and grissini are all on the agenda in a morning session, which is always followed by an interactive lunch. 

Don’t miss: if you decide to follow a tailor-made course with Alessandra, one of the highlights is a visit to the farmers’ market in nearby Alba. Going shopping with the chef is a unique opportunity to learn more about rural life in the Langhe.


Trattoria experience: how to make pasta for locals


Pasta. Pasta. Pasta. Everyone loves it and would like to surprise their guests with a plate of the real, homemade type. Chef Mauri of the Trattoria la Gallinaccia, in the heart of Bra’s historic center, opens the doors of his kitchen for a dedicated workshop.

We’ll explore two types of hand-rolled pasta, two sauces and a dessert with matching wines: because you need to know which bottle to open when you’re dining!

Potato gnocchi and the typically-Piedmontese tajarin (finely-cut ribbon pasta made with egg dough, a speciality of the Gallinaccia) are the heart of a fun and productive morning. The workshop is recommended for groups of friends and families who want to enrich their journey in Piedmont with a precious gastronomic experience.

Share the passion for cooking and the value of the conviviality of a good meal. Cooking is one of my great passions. As we grew up we used to watch our grandmothers and mums preparing the traditional dishes day after day. Gestures, fragrances and flavours all form part of our history and have entered into our DNA.



Our cooking classes usually start at 10 am from Tuesday to Friday (preferably on Tuesday and Thursday) and last four/five hours, however we are always available to meet the requests of our guests and therefore personalise the courses based on your interests. The recipes we propose also change with the seasons and the ingredients that this territory offers at the different times of year. Since some of the recipes require a long preparation, we take a break with tastings of cold cuts, cheeses and wine while waiting to enjoy the dishes we have made.


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