Every journey is unique, and Wanderit knows it! For this reason, our itineraries are a starting point from which to customize your individual or group adventure, according to the activites, dates and budget of the traveler.

Wanderit was born in Bra, the home of Slow Food International, a worldwide organization that has been promoting food sustainability, “good, clean and fair food” for over thirty years.

You will immerse yourself in “A day in the life” of great people and places and flavors.





Chef Journey

Not just a vacation, but a research trip where you can share what you know and learn something new, widening your network of professional contacts.

If you’re looking for new ideas and inspiration, a journey like this could be exactly what you need! 

For the love of food. What does a chef do in the morning? They go to the market, to the butcher, they talk to producers, look for inspiration, and create. Imagine yourself as a guest in the kitchen of a Piedmontese restaurant, accompanied by the chef and our team in a bespoke experience tailored to suit your interests.

For the love of friendship. Your network of contacts grows, and you’ll cook for a new audience in a restaurant that will be yours for the day!


Live a day in the City of a Thousand Faces with us

This mystical city, which boasts one of the busiest ports in Europe and the largest old town in Italy,  is not an easy place to cover in a single day.

This experiences promises an abundance of stories and unforgettable locations. We recommend joining the tour on your first day in the city, or to add it to your itinerary if you’re staying anywhere on the Italian Riviera. Genoa is easily reached by train from the Cinque Terre and from Savona




Women Journey

In the beginning there was woman… in the kitchens of the osteria and everywhere that offers hospitality, on farms taking care of animals, making cheese, keeping bees, and guiding travelers through Alpine valleys.

That’s what we found in Piedmont and Liguria when we started to imagine Wanderit as a source of sincere experiences that reflect the reality of these regions, and their people.

These lands, in fact, are lived and worked by courageous and headstrong women. So we drew up a plan for a fully female itinerary where traveling women can meet women hosts and rediscover values of friendship and complicity that are good for the soul.

We think of the girls on a certain Balearic island who wink when they meet each other in the street: Wanderit for Women winks at all the women out there wouldn’t swap a laugh among friends for anything in the world.



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